First Day of Class

The first day of class for both ADR and ACO went great. We mostly did syllabus work and some brief introductions, but some of the things we talked about (or the instructors talked about) were really interesting. In my drawing class, the instructor talked about how drawing requires you to keep an open mind, to develop an agile brain that is open to make changes, and to have the courage to erase. She urged us to quiet the “I can’t do this” voice and to show up to class well fed and well hydrated because drawing demands energy and movement; we must be able to focus, for drawing is both a mental and physical doing.

I filled out questionnaires for both classes (Drawing questionnaire & Art). In my ACO class, I had the occasion to write about *why* I was taking the class. My answer was certainly thinking about this project: “I am beginning this course of study (toward the BFA in photog) for many reasons – for one, I’ve always been interested in photography and I studied art history at MSU, and two, I am interested in learning about composition and practice from other disciplines.” These seem to be the issues that interest me here: what does composition mean? what does it mean to compose? what does it mean to practice? My drawing instructor often reminds that we must learn to make our mark – what do the commonalities between learning to make art and learning to write tell us about composing? practice?


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