Composition beyond writing

This fall, I will begin to pursue a B.F.A. in Photography. The opportunity to take start this program follows from the tuition benefit I enjoy at Wayne State University. But, it is also something that I’ve always wanted to do (I took a photography class in high school; nearly took another class at Michigan State; studied Art History before transitioning to English). Yet, I have done little to formally develop the interest over the last twenty years. More recently, when I bought my first iPhone, I found the device provided for me a new readiness potential to take the shots that I would see as I look around. Just carrying the phone with me gave me the regular opportunity to take photographs. Once I opened an instagram account, I slowly started committing myself to making photographs. Continue reading “Composition beyond writing”


Clay Walker’s “Composing Agency”

My article, “Composing Agency” was published this summer in the online journal Literacy in Composition Studies here: Clay Walker’s “Composing Agency”.

Here is the abstract: This essay argues that literacy actors compose agency through the embodied practice of literacies in combination with self-aware feedback loops. The argument brings together recent conversations on agency, embodiment, and cognition in composition studies, neuroscience, and the humanities to develop the concept of discursive readiness potential. Discursive readiness potential refers to one’s embodied agency and accounts for the range of possible actions available to an actor on the basis of her or his past experiences. Furthermore, discursive readiness potential points to one’s capacity to navigate a field of potential literate practices into one actualized action. As such, the essay supports a renewed call for research on agency and embodied cognition in composition studies by outlining discursive readiness potential as a flexible process model for understanding how agents act in emergent discursive situations.